Cassie is back from Greece and it’s cold and grey in London….

So Matt has just texted me to say that they are back from Santorini and Cassie is checking the website every ten minutes. Hmmm…okay – just ‘cos I’m nice…sneaky peek time! The rest of the photos can be seen here

This is a few days I will never forget. Cassie & Matt were so welcoming, and relaxed – they said “Just do your thing, and enjoy yourself.”  So I got to play with my cameras on a fantastic island, with a (let’s face it – rather stunning and) chilled out couple. 40 odd guests, of whom I knew 4 already having shot their weddings previously.

The venue for the ceremony was the incredible Heliotopos Hotel high on the cliffs of Santorini, surely one of the most spectacular viewpoints on the island. Cassie & Matt let me wear my Converse – which was kind considering I was crawling around on the very white but very slippery roof of the hotel to get those big view shots.

Later on when everyone had sat down to eat I was treated to some amazing Greek fayre. I filled my boots – and only just managed to finish. Then it was brought to my attention that main course would be served shortly. OMG. Well, guess what – I managed to destroy the main as well – for such a teeny slim fella that was good going! Next up I was offered some wine by a waiter. I accepted on the grounds that it would be rude not to sample the local delicacies. Out comes an enormous flagonlike jug of vino blanco all for me. Okaaaaayy….. I took a couple of hours over it – and it didn’t impede my photographic skills –  even when Cassie and Matt were shouting at me to put my camera away and relax. Jug empty, snaps taken, I wobbled around for another hour or so enjoying the excellent company and taxied back to my hotel feeling slightly less svelte than I did when I set out. A great day – and a great adventure for me.  I love Greece.

Have a look at this slideshow – click anywhere about here – and watch out if you are at work, it’s got music.