Old cameras work too y’know….

I have been shooting for fun a lot recently with an old dslr camera that I used to use for weddings. Its ONLY 6.3megapixels (gasp), less than most cellphone cameras these days. But coupled with a lovely prime lens and some early summer light is really is turning in some nice images. Of course it’s the camera that makes good photographs, not the photographer, so I am happy to have resurrected the old 10D. Here are a couple that actually, uh… don’t really illustrate the point at all, as I have whacked up the grain in photoshop, but hey, nobody reads these geeky camera posts anyway 🙂

William on the bench outside my office, moments before he broke the G9 hanging round his neck. Thats my hat.

Ted on the walk to school last week. They are my glasses.