Bodiam Castle Wedding Photography – Zoe and Chris


As I mentioned in my previous post, Zoe and Chris were a joy to spend time with. A totally loved-up, incredibly selfless and funloving couple, shooting their wedding was one of those days when you thank your lucky stars. It was SO cold doing the portrait photographs around the spectacular Bodiam Castle, that I had to put a coat on. I did ask Zoe’s permission, rather sheepishly, as she stood there in her beautiful wedding dress, braving the cold like no bride I have ever worked with. I kept saying to her that I couldn’t believe how well she was doing, and she simply replied, “I just love the castle.” Wow.

A great day, and although there were no daffodils and nobody got a suntan, it really didn’t matter – the wedding was a roaring success – I had to drag myself away from the offers of after-work beers and partying. My two hour drive home was made slightly more bearable thanks to the good company of Everything But The Girl’s back catalogue.

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