The unbelievable, incredible, Greatest Show on Earth…..FAKE TAN!!!!

These guys will get you believing that you’re actually Hungry Like The Wolf, and that Video really did Kill the Radio Star. After a full day and evenings shooting, I don’t mind admitting I’m ready to fall into my car and put on some Bruce, but Fake Tan are the only band I ever stick around to watch in action.

A vivacious and enigmatic band, Fake Tan are like no other wedding band I have ever seen. I don’t even think they play Brown Eyed Girl which is a blessed relief. They do however play a storming version of I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, Club Tropicana makes the gents want to take their ladies by the hand and bust moves like they have never busted before.

Often seen jumping into the crowd with their guitars, the FT dancefloor kicks off faster than a very quick thing….you will never look at white jeans in the same light again…..

We booked them for a charity ball we organised this month, and therefore the responsibility for the whole latter part of the event fell squarely on my shoulders. I needn’t have worried (in fact I DIDN’T worry, but you get my point?), Mark and the band were as legendary as ever and the evening was an unprecedented success.

Don’t book Fake Tan at your peril.

Some shy and retiring wedding guests gracefully waltzing to the sound of Fake Tan at the Hurlingham Club last month.