A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding at Stoke Park Club for two of the loveliest peeps you could hope to meet. Ros and Russell live in the States and came over for their Stoke Park wedding in May. We hatched a plot to have a Childrens Photo Competition during the wedding, using disposable cameras…..and the kids set to work with aplomb. Ros did the first round of judging, and I agreed to do the Simon Cowell bit on the finalists. So without further ado – here are (one set of) Award Winning Stoke Park Club Wedding Photographs 2015!

Maddy’s intense documentary photograph tells a wedding story – there is more than one centre of interest, with the two conversations going on, and she has created an excellent composition which leads the eye from the foreground to the background. She has also shot from subject eye level which brings us into the photograph. The intensity on the faces add to the atmosphere, and the stark lighting juxtaposes nicely with the glamour and styling of the Stoke Park Ballroom. Well done Maddy – excellent work!

Darcey has created a hugely enjoyable image, which combines gutsy composition with crazy humour, whilst at the same time exuding the underlying narrative of a really great wedding. Her use of the shoot through technique is flawless – impeccably framing the subject with out of focus foreground areas, a technique that I use frequently. We call it ‘blobbing’ around here! The honesty of the smile shows that Darcey has earned the trust of the subject, resulting in an extremely successful portrait. Well done Darcey!

William’s dynamic portrait of an extremely buff wedding photographer at work is both in your face, yet at the same time quietly reassuring – the gentleman in the picture is certainly working very hard, and looks like he has taken hundreds of exceptional Stoke Park wedding photographs in just a few hours. William has also managed to illustrate that this particular photographer may well have been recommended photographer at Stoke Park Club since 2006. You can tell from William’s spectacular choice of his decisive moment that this photographer is clearly very talented. Superb William – if ever you need a job….