Announcing the arrival of Daisy Martha Hearn

Just popped in to say sorry for extreme lack of new blog posts recently – the end of the summer was my busiest period to date, and trying to get the weddings processed and posted on time has taken precedence over blogging unfortunately. THEN after a string of fantastic October weddings, Daisy Martha was born, on October 21st just in time for lunch. After being blessed with two gorgeous boys, we were both amazed and overjoyed to have a girl, and I have been enjoying some great time with the family since then.

Now, after a short break (and I thank them for their patience and understanding!!) I am doing post production on Sarah and Justin’s wedding at the wonderful Notley Abbey, which should be ready very soon.

Here is a picture of Daisy at 5 days old, shot with the other very exciting addition to my life – the Canon 85mm F1.2 L 🙂