Amersham Wedding Photography – Claire & Matt

When I get an enquiry for a venue that is less than a mile from my house, I know it’s going to be a good day. And it was….Claire and Matt were plagued by rubbish weather forecasts, and the obligatory arsenal of umbrellas were to hand, but none were needed as the sun came out just before the service, and there it stayed. Old Amersham is a beautiful old town, and the Crown Inn was a great choice of venue, creating a fantastic intimate atmosphere.

Claire is a Graduate of the Laid Back School of Bridalryness, and from our first meeting right through to the dancing, she was easy peasy to work with…not forgetting Matt who was relieved to find that ‘boys getting ready’ on my itinerary actually meant nothing more than ‘boys doing their buttonholes and putting on their ties’. After that initial question had been settled, we had a great day and loads of fun.

The Crown Inn in Old Amersham is a good test for a wedding photographer – it ain’t bathed in the bright lights by any stretch, but it suits my low key style nicely and I shot the whole wedding as I had wanted, without any flash, which would have been, to put it simply, darned annoying for all at the wedding. So it’s a set of dark and cosy pictures that sum up the wonderful winter mood that Claire and Matt were hoping for.

I had a trip down memory lane shooting some informal portraits on the exact spot that I sold my first ever photograph. When I was a nipper I had a stall in the Old Amersham Market Town Hall, and I sold a £10 framed print of St Mary’s church, to…ironically… a wedding guest in a flap (as he had no present) on his way to – you guessed it – The Crown! That was in 1991 – 20 years ago almost to the day. Interesting to note that I still only charge £10 for a print. Hmm. What’s with that?

Claire and Matt have just seen their pictures: “Thank you so much!! After a day filled with packing up our flat in Madrid we were thrilled to see the photos! They are absolutely incredible, we are so happy with them! We really couldn’t have hoped for more. Thank you so much for being so wonderful (particularly when it came to sorting out the boys with their buttonholes!) and for capturing the spirit of the day so beautifully.
We have so many favourites, and thats only after 2 viewings!!”

Here are some favourites – and the whole story is here