Amersham and Beaconsfield Portrait Photography

I don’t normally blog portrait sessions but this is going to change. I have had some really lovely family and kids shoots over the last month or two. I usually spend about an hour with the children, taking pictures as they happily do their thing. I have been shooting a lot in wooded areas for the great variety of light, and contrast between bright and dark works so well in black and white. As a parent of three, I actually find working with children very relaxing, and very rewarding. Although there are not large amounts of wedding cake to be had on these shoots, I usually pack a few chocolate buttons for those toddler meltdown moments…and if the meltdown never comes, well, I wouldn’t want anything to go to waste, ho hum..

Here are some favourites from the last few sessions, in random order….and if you live in the middle of a field like me the page may take a minute to fully load, for which I humbly apologise.