Amanda & Mike at Blenheim Palace

Wedding Photography at Blenheim Palace…mmm, aahh…you can almost feel the rumble of the horses hooves under the grand arch, and smell the polish on the suits of armour as the scullery maids cook up meals fit for kings in the pantry below….

Or am I getting carried away? It’s such a great venue, I’m not sure what else I can say that I haven’t already said. Thought I’d try something different 🙂

Anyway, that aside, we had an amazing time at Amanda and Mike’s big day at Blenheim Palace, I was working alongside Tim from From The Hip videoguys, who are the best of the best…. and it was another sundrenched champagne and cakefest – not for me obviously, I was working, but Amanda and Mike and all their guests had a wonderful time.
I have never witnessed such a fun atmosphere in a church – one hymn was staggered with the left hand side of the congregation starting half a verse before the right hand side – which made for fits of giggles and some great expressions to catch! Following this was one of the most awesome confetti storms I have had the misfortune of getting stuck in in a long time. I am still finding bits in my camera bag two weeks later. Mike was convinced someone chucked a handful of ball bearings at him. Weirder things have happened at weddings, you know….