Laura married Jamie in September 08 – I just received this from her…..

Dear Guy,

Ive recently been having a clear out and discovered some old thank you cards from our wedding – one with your name on! I was mortified at the thought of you not knowing how grateful we were for your amazing wedding pics so have jumped on the computer asap! I will send you the card too but couldn’t do it without letting you know why its so late.

 Guy, your pictures were incredible and whilst in Mexico in the hotel lobby loking at them on the computer we were overwhelmed. The moments you captured, the way you made us look like a pair of models and the way that anyone who sees them and says “Ive never seen wedding pictures like this!” just goes to show what a great choice I made in choosing you.

If anyone tells me they are getting married – you are the recommendation I give. We already have one picture blown up onto canvas and it masters itself as a beautiful piece of art in our front room. (the one on the beach with us having a kiss and alfie by our side with the picture perfect little boat in the background- our favourite!). So Thank you – a million times – thank you.

 I just cant believe I didnt send the card already! I now have to write to the dress shop, cake man and Father Martin too! Anyway, we hope you are well and perhaps look forward to our paths crossing at another wedding one day.

 Kindest Regards,

 Jamie and Laura                                 (wedding -Sunday14th September, 2008)